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Ketua Presidium ICMI: Yoyoh Yusroh, A True Humanitarian Fighter

Marwah Daud Ibrahim (Antara/Widodo S Jusuf) – Jakarta. Di sela-sela acara Asia-Pasific Community Conference for Palestine, terdapat agenda “Charity Dinner”. Acara yang digelar di JCC, Jakarta, 29-30 Juni 2011 ini, dihadiri oleh berbagai tokoh yang peduli terhadap kemerdekaan Palestina dari seluruh dunia, salah satunya Marwah Daud Ibrahim, Ketua Presidium ICMI. Pada saat Charity Dinner tersebut, Marwah Daud membacakan sebuah surat untuk mengenang almarhumah Yoyoh Yusroh yang pernah menembus Gaza, Palestina. Dan berikut ini surat yang dibacakannya.

Yoyoh Yusroh, is a best friend, a teacher, and a partner in our struggle…

Yes…. Yoyoh Yusroh is my best friend, teacher, and friend in struggle. We were together in DPR and went through our days side by side. I believe she left so many inspirations, impressions and her long live fight for us to remember and follow.

We have known about her positive personality and appreciation to goodness. Many people understand how honest and pure she was. How she cared for women as well as for the education for children, and just how much she loved al Quran. And she was able to transfer that love not just to her family, but furthermore, to the ummah.

I would like to share with you what you may already know about her, that is her endless strive as a humanitarian fighter.

Before the inauguration of ICMI committee 2010-2015, I contacted Yoyoh Yusroh to once again become an ICMI-center committee. At that time she asked me to join her to attend Al Quds confrence in Khartoum, Sudan. Her explanation of the urgency in supporting the fight of the Palestinian cause really moved me, and I was even more moved when she said that we could use this opportunity to create a network with the center of the study of Al Quran in the middle East.

In Khartoum we shared a room together, we prayed together, and recited al Quran together. We also had our breakfast together while enjoying the view of the Nile river from the top of the hotel that we stayed in. in Sudan I witnessed Yoyoh Yusroh’s fight in supporting the Palestinian cause. She spoke in front of  public figures from Sudan and she was highly respected.

She took very little rest. From one meeting to another, she made time to show me the pictures of the martyrs whenever she had the chance. “Imagine sister, over there you will have no campaign pictures, rather you would only see the pictures or names of the martyrs who fought in the name of Allah. In the hotel room she was always busy writing and sending emails in Latin and Arabic to her international colleagues.

Yoyoh Yusroh told me about her adventurous journey to Gaza in order to deliver an ambulance and other humanitarian aids to the people of Gaza. She also showed me videos and pictures of al Quds, where under it a building as already created. I was also introduced to public figures, most of them women, from so many nations. “This is sister Marwah, Inshallah she will help to fight for Palestinian cause in Indonesia as well as in Asia Pacific.” That sentence to me was like a hint to ask me to continue her fight that she had done for years.

She also said to me, “Many times people ask me, why make ourselves busy with people from other countries, when you have so many people suffer in your own?” she then answered, “caring for Palestine will not decrease our care to Indonesia. For we are still standing at the front line in teaching our nation’s assets, to help those who need it, when a natural disaster occurs etc. But it is an obligation and an honorable call for us to guard the sublimity of the masjid that was a part of Isra Miraj, which was mentioned in al Quran. And that masjid is Al quds.”

It was also in Sudan that I knew of Yoyoh Yusroh’s amazing side. Subhanallah, she was highly respected and admired by the international people. In a meeting that is usually attended by men, Yoyoh Yusroh was always needed even before the meeting began. And a lot of times she would be the only female in those meetings. Not only that she represented Indonesia, but she was a representation from south east Asia. It was through her that I heard about the Asia-pacific community conference for Palestine which we have now today.

Yoyoh Yusroh introduced me to some public figures, and when I mentioned to her about my desire to study the language of al Quran she immediately approached a notable person from Jordan. This person instantly asked for my mobile phone number so we can communicate directly in the future.

On the 21st of May 2011, Yoyoh Yusroh left in peace. The sea of people who filled DPR masjid as well as the graveyard where she was put to rest, the endless chant of takbir, was so similar to the videos of the Palestinian martyrs that she showed me in Sudan. Before she was led to the masjid, I had the honor to look at the face of my best friend, teacher and inspirator, and I gave her my respect, and gave her my last kiss on her right and left cheeks of the smiling face. A close friend of hers said to me that “Prior to her passing, Yoyoh Yusroh mention a lot about you sister Marwah.”

Yoyoh Yusroh is a mother and a best friend that we love and honor. We will continue your fight inshallah….

That hope is still there….Indonesia and the civilization of the world will inshallah be better owing to your struggle and the way that you have laid for us. Farewell….that hope is still there!

Farewell Yoyoh Yusroh. May you meet Khadijah, Aisyah, Hafsah, and have a lively chat with them in heaven….for you are our role model and inspiration…..

Inshallah, we will continue your fight, for Indonesia, for the liberty of Palestine, for the freedom of the holy masjid that millions of Muslims long for, Al Quds!

We love you, and Allah is most loving to you.

Your best of friend: Marwah Daud Ibrahim

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29th June 2011


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