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A Very Amazing Experience of Ustadzah Yoyoh Yusroh

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Ustadzah Yoyoh Yusroh, Paling Kiri (doc-dakwatuna.com)

Ustadzah Yoyoh Yusroh, Paling Kiri (doc-dakwatuna.com)

Dakwatuna.com – Dari catatan salah seorang putra Ustazah Yoyoh Yusroh, Aizza Jundana. Semoga bermanfaat.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007.

This is a real and true story. A story about my beloved mother’s real experience.

One day – one year ago, my mother sent a message to her friend from her phone. The message was like this: “أنا أحبك في ألله” (I love you in Allah). A few minutes later, a woman called my mother. While she cried and sobbing she asked my mother “What was your message mean? I don’t understand.” My mother said: “I’m sorry, Do I know you? I never sent a message to you. I’ve sent that message to my friend which is in my phone book. It is impossible delivered to you. I didn’t even have your number.” And then that woman told my mother about her self. She was on the edge of balcony in her apartment. She wanted to commit a suicide by jumping from balcony. But a message from my mother stopped her to do that. She saw a message from a strange number that written in Arabic. So, she decided to call that number, my mother’s number and ask the meaning of that message. She frustrated because her husband cheated with his secretary and lied to her, her husband said he want to do some office work outside the town.

In fact, he was in vacation with his mistress. When she heard about that, she decided to kill her self. After hearing the stories from that woman, my mother told her the meaning of that message: “I love you because of Allah.” Soon afterward, she canceled her plan to commit suicide. Then she and my mother become friend. It was a fate. Maybe Allah gave her a second chance to continue her life by a missed-wrong addressed message. Allah turned that message to her phone. (smb)

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